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Birthday Party in Delhi, Noida. Faridabaad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabaad.| Birthday Party Organizer

Welcome to littleStarCelebration, the place where you can find best decoration
services. The services we provide are Theme party decoration, balloons
decoration, Theme paper craft, flower decoration, and showroom decoration. We are
providing the services in nearby places Delhi Ncr.
The famous places we provide services are Delhi Ncr, Noida, Delhi, Faridabad,
Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. We provide best birthday party decorations for kids
and friends mainly. You can see our other services in this official website
channels and you can also see some pictures of the celebrations.
We built with the experience are we are glad to say that we will work for clients
more than anything. The best thing about our services is “theme party
decoration”. Be it any kind of decoration we will provide the high quality
services with our experienced staff out here.
When you are searching for the best birthday party decoration in Delhi Ncr,
then we would be your best choice and for festival decoration services in Delhi
Ncr or Ghaziabad, we will be first to reach you out.
For better experience and value for money, we will make sure that you will be
surprised with our surprise. As we said, we are experienced but also we are
friendly. Never hesitate to take quote from us. We will be available anytime and
anywhere to make your party even more beautiful.

For clarification, you can call us or you can leave a message to us so that we can
easily reach you within few hours. A week before any event, we will discuss
everything with you about celebrations.
The more you trust us, the more we value your time. We won’t waste your time
and money you spend. We glad to say that we are growing towards the ‘Best
decoration services in Delhi Ncr for any event’.
We have Fun and activity center for kids, paper craft decorations, balloons
decoration, flower decoration, showroom decoration and festival decoration.
We have experienced birthday planner organizers, balloons decoration experts, and
flower decoration experts in Delhi Ncr, Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad.

The best thing about our services is we have unique services and different style
of organizing. Our team is experts in designing the unique decoration types and
insisting viral organizers.

Birthday party Organizer in Delhi

All Packages

Package1 (Basic Decoration)
Rs:-1299 /-
1. 200 Balloons with ribbons.
2. Free Birthday Banner.
2. Package can be customised*
Rs.-1999 /-
1. 200 Balloons with ribbons.
2. 50 heart Shape Balloon
3. Big Balloons or Party Popper.
4. Birthday banner cumtomised*
5. Photos hanging by the
balloon's Ribbon. (photos
given by the clients.)
Rs.-2499 /-
1. 200 balloons with ribbons.
2. 50 heart shape balloons
3. 1kg rose petals.
4. 50 candles
5. Photos hanging by the
balloon's Ribbon. (photos
given by the clients.)

We Provide Best Planning for your Events

Our birthday director will help you plan your pary
Every step of the way up to the day of your event.

Why Us

Unlike all, we provide consultation for free of cost. That’s the best thing you can
expect from us and we glad to help you in upcoming events and parties. With
our consultancy you can design your own party and you can save a lot of money.
We are best at working for regular clients and have affordable prices for new
customers. We have unique offers for new customers and referral customers to
enjoy your party.
We will be glad to help you at any cost at any time. Little star Celebration are
mainly designed to surprise the people without eye-catching surprises and
events. One of the best add-ons in our events is Play Ground for kids.
We provide these kinds of add-ons to the parties and get ready to surprise your
relatives and friends with unique party celebration ideas.


Theme for Birthday

Balloons Decoration for the Birthday Party Decoration in Noida
Underwater Theme Party Decoration for the Birthday Party
paper craft decoration for birthday



Theme Party Decoration

Theme Party décor. for the Boys and Girls in Delhi and near places.
Very affordable cost, Also available for the special occasion.


1st Birthday Party

Very Special or wonderful day for the 1 yr child. We also help to increase happiness or joy at your Birthday party. With our world-class decoration.

Balloon Decoration in Noida, Delhi/NCR.

Birthday Party

Maybe you are 16 or 60, But your birthday is your always a wonderful day. or you have to always enjoy your birthday like it's your first Birthday.

Balloons decoration in Delhi. | +91 8826283115

Balloons Decor.

Balloons decor. is always in the first priority of any client. It can be used on any occasion. It takes less time to decorate and arrange it.

Mall Decor.

We provide a mall, supermarket, shop or hall decor. on any occasion.
It increases the sell or view of your shop.


Festival Decor.

India is a country full of the festival. and We give decoration for any occasion. Independence day, republic day, Dewali, New year, Christmas or more.....

Our Mission and Vision

As a team, we are always trying our best to provide the value-added services to the
customer and assurance of decorations. We are trained professionals in arranging the
birthday party events, balloon decorations in Delhi Ncr.
We are also providing festival decorations at home for any festival season. We are
specially mounded to arrange a great festival decoration at your doorstep. Especially,
Festival decoration in Delhi Ncr is a great key phrase and we are working best to stand
in one of the best festival decoration providers in Delhi Ncr.
If you want to know the complete details on how we are going to design the
decoration then you can call us or contact us from the website and also if you need a
more detailed explanation, then you can call us to home for a better explanation. We
will be very friendly with your moves.
Our team is always curious to introduce new ways to work honest and hard. That’s the
secret of our success to attract clients. For every new party or occasion, we have a
unique and different style of decorations. Little Star Celebration main vision is to
impress and to win a client more than once.



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